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Banned Book Week

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
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It's banned book week, an annual event to remind Americans about their freedom of speech and expression. The types of books banned over the ages are widely varied. A school district banned a picture book of "Little Red Riding Hood" because it depicted Little Red bringing bread and wine to her grandmother. "Huckleberry Finn" has been banned because of its racial language. There is a legal ban against child pornography. Are there times when publications should be banned? What if someone wanted to gather all the publicly available information about average citizens, including you, and publish it? That might be very popular with marketers and identity thieves. Does free speech trump your privacy? Is there the publishing equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater, publishing factually incorrect information that creates a panic? Should publishing the name of undercover CIA agents or undercover drug agents be banned? We'll talk about banned books. We'll ask should anything be banned and if so, what?

Gia Cosindas: Editor at Loompanics Unlimited, a book publisher in Port Townsend

RESOURCES: (Note: KUOW - or Julie - do not review or control the content at the following Web sites, nor do either endorse any of the content.)
American Library Association Banned Book Week begins Saturday
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Seattle Public Library Banned Book list
Book removed from reading list after objections are raised:
Seattle P-I

Loopmanics Publishing


Note: You may have to register online to read some of the websites. If you do, don't complain about it, just give a bogus e-mail address. Sorry for the late notice, but I only got this five minutes before I posted it. The text of the PSA was drafted by KUOW.
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